Agency Services


Ship  agency, is a part of the services sector is a customer-oriented  professions. Our company has continued for many years has maintained its name and further develop activities in this sector every year. Although increased competition in today's conditions, ALP Shipping and Trading Company, good management, skilled personnel, technological infrastructure, thanks to its focus on results and quality service will always maintain its place.

Since 2008, to the center the Gulf of Izmit, Turkey and the Turkish Straits in all ports we give agency services. We tried to win the satisfaction of all firms, will take a long time to establish good relations, our most important purpose ensure our well-known name.

Our agency services according to the customer structure; Port Agency, Protective Agency and Transit Strait Agency is classified as. 

                Port Agency                     

Ro-ro, tanker, dry cargo and bulk carriers, container ships, cargo ships project; they berthed the port, pier and float in the kind of services provided. Discharge and or loading purposes of ships coming to our ports with the arrival preparations before, to inform the relevant public authorities and the harbor, quickly making the control authority, which must be carried out when the ship and the completion of customs formalities, to accompany the process during the port operations, our Coastal Waters the vessel after port operations completed from left are followed until the issue so as not to allow any and all measures be taken to ensure the regular flow of information will be done by our company and will be given the best service to our customers which we are responsible. Time is a non-refundable loss.

                Protective Agency

Such services are services that you will need for the ship owner of the ship. Ports and shipyard operations smooth and fast completion of the bunker supply, provision supply and fresh water, crew changes, accommodation of personnel, airport transfer, transit technical equipment supply, expired certificates renewal and other services by our company full and uneventfully services are performed.

                Transit Strait Agency

Turkish straits linking the Asian and European continents, is home to a dense ship traffic passage. Therefore, arrangement the traffic and to complete the strait passage smoothly a good shipping agent is needed. The order to take the ship's strait passage informing the public institutions, if necessary; to meet the needs of the ship without delay after the payment of official are some of the actions to be taken under the responsibility of our company.